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Rahma Blends Tonic Lattes


We've chosen herbs that have long been used to help cultivate the highest qualities of living - longevity, happiness, joy, youthfulness, wisdom, physical, mental, & sexual vitality, compassion & overall harmony with life - moving us out of a base state of survival & into the higher realms of human experience. Use Rahma Blends daily for maximum impact.


Lotus Flower

Enjoy it.

We're at a great point in history where we can choose healthy options without having to compromise flavor or enjoyment. One of our main focuses when formulating our latte blends was overall palatability. We value this because our desire is to share herbs with the broadest audience possible.

Flying Dove

Experience it.

We don't want to waste your time by offering a product with meager rations. We want to create an immediate & impactful experience within our customer from the very first use so we packed each of our formulas with an average of 2.5g of high potency herbal extracts to insure this.

Olive Branch

Trust it.

We understand the essential role that native environments play in the overall quality of herbs so our herbal extracts are either wild-harvested or semi-wild cultivated in their native regions. Additionally, our mushrooms are always wood-grown, fruiting-body, dual-extracts.

"Rahma is an arabic word that describes God’s unconditional love for humankind. My relationship with Tonic Herbs is inextricably linked to my mental, emotional & spiritual development. They have been incredible Allies in helping to align me with my highest truth & purpose. They are truly a gift of nature & perfectly embody the spirit of 'Rahma' with their consistent & unconditional performance of empowering & affirming actions for all who cultivate a relationship with them. Rahma Blends is a vehicle for me to share this gift of unconditional love with you. " ~ Your Friend Rama


Alpha Glucan Mushrooms
Medicinal Mushroom Blend

If you haven't experienced the magic of a teaspoon of high quality Mushroom Extracts blended in a cup of coffee with a chunk of raw cacao paste & oatmilk,

.Can you honestly say that you have ever truly lived a day in your life?


Cacao Latte

 I remember my first time with Rahma Blends. A friend recommended I try the Laughing Buddha so I went down to the Grateful Desert, grabbed a bag and hurried home to experience the stress relieving tonic. One sip and I slipped into a field of creamy delicious comfort. *Pure Bliss* I was being held in love. Everything I needed was in my favorite mug. I am so grateful to have found this amazing, healing, delightful drink. It has become one of my favorite daily rituals. Thank you. Thank you.

Amanda Davis

Mushroom Mocha Latte

I have tried three different brands. Om, Four Sigmatic and Freshcap. The difference between Rahma Blends and all of these is the difference between the feeling of eating raw living food and processed foods. I don't know how you're doing it but I do know what you're doing is amazing.

Isa Love

Chai Latte

I’ve been having the Spiced Chai blend  religiously every morning with coconut oil and can feel the effects when I don’t start my day off with this blend! It’s been helping to keep me stay grounded while simultaneously boosting my creativity so that I can show up fully for myself and my clients. Most importantly, I’m sure it’s helping me stay strong mentally, physically, and spiritually during a pandemic since I don’t have anxious jitters like how I would with caffeine. Don’t doubt the magic of these elixirs!! 


Mushroom Mycelium

The Mushroom Mocha is truly magical! The Alpha-Glucan is the best straight mushroom immunity blend I have ever had. I highly recommend any of these products if you want to add mushrooms to your daily health regimen. Thank you Rahma for sharing your alchemist gifts with the world!! 

McKenna Corriea

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