"You carry all the ingredients to turn your existence into joy, 

mix them, mix them!"


My goal with Rahma Blends is to promote an easy and delicious way to incorporate traditional tonic herbs into your daily routine. Whether it is through the slow and meditative process of brewing one of my adaptogenic Chai's or the quick and expedient process of mixing up one of my instant Tonic Lattes, I want you to develop the same intimate relationship with these herbal ingredients and feel the benefit that comes with it. The benefit that extends beyond physical wellness but reaches to a realm of spiritual/emotional/social growth.


Preparing tea for me is a very grounding meditative ritual: Choosing the herbs, grinding them down, brewing them in a pot, straining them, and ultimately enjoying them is a genuinely spiritual experience for me. This is why I've always kept this element close to my heart despite knowing that utilizing full spectrum herbal extracts is a more effective means of quickly producing therapeutic benefits and a more practical and compatible means of incorporating herbs into a modern lifestyle. Instead of choosing one over the other I've chosen the holistic route, incorporating both into my daily practice and experiencing maximum benefits. My lifes purpose, as I understand it, is to make these herbs more widely available while spreading the gospel of plants.

Tonic Herbs and Medicinal Mushrooms are substances that are most effective when taken in regular doses on a daily basis for lengths of time. That being said, 1-3 capsules daily (as often recommended by supplement manufacturers) will not suffice if you're trying to achieve maximum efficacy. I've formulated all of my blends with this important factor in mind (therapeutic dosing) while also offering a line of tasty 'Tonic Lattes' that focuses on palatability without compromising dosing.

Edward 'Rama' Black