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"You carry all the ingredients to turn your existence into joy, 

mix them, mix them!"


​‘Rahma’ is an arabic word that describes

God’s unconditional love for humankind.

The development of my relationship with Tonic Herbs is inextricably linked to my ongoing mental, emotional, and spiritual development. They have helped connect me to my highest truth and purpose allowing for me to visualize this purpose with more clarity and pursue it with more certainty. Because of this, I view Tonic Herbs not as 'dietary supplements' or 'substances' but as living/breathing allies that help to align us with our highest truths. Endowing us with clarity, magnifying our positive intentions, and elevating our practices. 

They are the wise friend that gives us sage advice when we are feeling lost and uncertain (Ashwagandha), the nurturing arms that hold us when we are feeling downtrodden and alone (Reishi), the voice motivating us to persevere when we have almost reached our breaking point (Rhodiola). For me, they perfectly embody the concept of "Rahma" because they are consistently unconditionally performing empowering and affirming functions for everyone who cultivates a relationship with them.


"Rahma Blends" is the vehicle that I use to share

this gift of unconditional love with you. 


My goal is to create an easy and delicious way to incorporate these tonic herbs into your daily routine. Whether it is in the slow intentional process of brewing one of our Adaptogenic Chai's or the quick and expedient process of mixing up one of our instant Tonic Lattes on the go, I want you to develop the same intimate relationship with these herbal ingredients and feel the benefit that comes with it. 

Your Friend Rama

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