Alpha-Glucan Compound

The key compounds that make this formula special are a class of Polysaccharides called Alpha-Glucans


Polysaccharides are the immunoprotective compounds of medicinal mushrooms that include both Alpha and Beta-glucans. Most great mushroom products (including our own) emphasize the presence of Beta-Glucans as a marker of potency and therapeutic efficacy. And, like Beta-Glucans, Alpha-Glucans are known for their amazing role in activating and modulating the Immune system. However, there is one important difference between alpha and beta-glucans.


Normally Beta-Glucans have a  molecular weight of around 200,000 Daltons while Alpha-Glucans are a mere 5,000 Daltons. This smaller particle size leads to a dramatic increase in absorption and efficacy making Alpha-Glucans substantially more activating to the immune system, particularly NK cells.


Natural killer (NK) cells are part of the innate immune system surveiling the body for the presence of pathogens and acting as the first line of defense against these pathogens. Unlike other immune cells they do not require the presence of antibodies in order to detect and destroy a threat.


Studies have shown that Alpha-Glucans are capable of increasing NK cell activity by nearly 300% within just 2 weeks at a regular dose (3g daily) and up to 800% within 3 months at an intensive dose (6g daily). 


This formula is a proprietary blend of six basidiomycetes mushroom mycelium extracts containing a mimimum of 40% Alpha-Glucans:


Shiitake mushroom mycelium extract

Lion's mane mycelium extract

Reishi mycelium extract

Agaricus blazei mycelium extract

Maitake mushroom mycelium extract

Auricularia auricular mycelium extract


Alpha-Glucan Compound