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Southern Ginseng


An Energizing Herbal Adaptogen

Superfoods for Super Health

Gynostemma, also called jiaogulan, is a green leafy herb that became famous as a legendary infused "immortality tea" among certain isolated highland village populations of southern China. This is a location where the plant naturally grows wild and where people were reported to live healthy long lives from daily consumption.

Gynostemma: A Scientific Overview

Gynostemma Pentaphyllum is a plant which is sometimes referred to as either 'Southern Ginseng' or 'Cheap Ginseng' as it was used as a cheap substitute for Panax Ginseng. Gynostemma has a good content of Ginsenosides that were once thought to be wholly unique to Panax Ginseng. As such, the biological effects of Gynostemma...

Gynostemma tea boosts heart health

By Celeste Smucker

Gynostemma pentaphyllum or Jiaogulan is a member of the cucumber family and grows wild in Southern China where it is popular for its sweet taste and the belief that it contributes to longevity. It is an adaptogen (one of those special plant based substances which help increase the body's resistance to stress by gently restoring ...

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