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Siberian Ginseng


Nick Eberle

Traditionally practitioners use the plant’s root for its, healing, balancing and energizing properties. The herb has been used all over the world under different names. It has been known as Ci wu ju, Shigoka Devil’s Shrub, Siberian Ginseng, Ussurian Thorny Pepperbush, Touch-Me-Not, Russian Ginseng, and Wild Pepper.

Siberian Ginseng Benefits


Siberian Ginseng, a relatively new addition to Western natural medicine, has quickly gained a reputation similar to that of the better known and more expensive Korean Ginseng. Unlike many herbs with a medicinal use, it is more useful for maintaining good health rather than treating ill-health.

The Monographs: Eleuthero

Donald R.Yance,CN,MH,RH(AHG)

Eleuthero 1:1 extract is the most well-known, well-researched, and well- suited adaptogen in the world. Eleuthero is well suited for the young and for all energetic types. It blends well with other herbs, and because it grows abundantly and quickly throughout areas of Russia and Northern China it can be produced in large quantities for the masses.

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