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Amazonian Superfruit


Camu Camu: The Next Great Superfood?

By Dr. Josh Axe

Camu camu is a shrub found in the swamp or flooded areas of the Amazon rainforest and could be the next superfood to hit the North American markets soon. The shrub bears large berries that can look like cherries. These berries turn out to be one of the top vitamin C foods, for they have more of this vitamin in them than any other food..

Eleven Health Benefits of Camu Camu

By Jonathan Benson

Deep in the heart of the Amazon rainforests of South America lives a plant species that produces a berry so packed with nutrients that it is almost unmatched in nature. You may have heard of it before: camu camu, the Amazonian "powerfruit" that is beginning to gain the national spotlight for its amazing nutritional density and healing capacity...

Antioxidant and Associated Capacities of Camu

By Paul C. Langley,PhD, Joseph V. Pergolizzi, Jr.,MD, Robert Taylor, Jr., PhD, and Caroline Ridgway,JD

An aging population in the United States presents important challenges for patients and physicians. The presence of inflammation can contribute to an accelerated aging process, the increasing presence of comorbidities, oxidative stress, and an increased prevalence of chronic pain. As patient-centered care is embracing a multimodal...

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