Gotu Kola
The Herb of Enlightenment
Mucuna Pruriens
Dopamine Bean
A Powerful Athletic Adaptogen
Reishi Mushroom
The Queen of Mushrooms
Turkey Tail
A Powerful Immunomodulator
Lions Mane
Brain Boosting Fungus
Siberian Chaga
An Immune Enhancing Superfood
The Essence of a Horse
Rhodiola Rosea
The Cellular Energy Booster
Siberian Ginseng
Polyrachis Ant
The Strength of an Ant
Pine Pollen
The Superfood From the Pine Tree
Astragalus Root
Chi Tonic and Immune Boosting Adaptogen
Schizandra Berry
The Five Flavored Berry
The Other "Magical Grass"
He Shou Wu
The Legendary Herb of Longevity
Amla Berry
Indian Gooseberry
Licorice Root
Sweet Root
Goji Berries
A Tonic Herb and Superfruit
Camu Camu
Amazonian Superberry
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